Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to Emma

We celebrated Emma's 3rd birthday a few days ago at the local DQ with several of our friends and family. We were especially blessed to have my mom come out all the way from Oklahoma for the big event! Emma really enjoyed being queen/princess for the day and was just incredibly excited about the whole thing. For weeks now she had been telling me that she wanted "chocolate and pink ice cream" and she didn't want it messed up!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Thunder Over Louisville

This past weekend found us attending "Thunder Over Louisville" which is the kickoff for the Kentucky Derby Festival. From what I read, there were 800,000 other people on the waterfront too. Yes, you read that number correctly!

We went down about mid-day to save a spot and were lucky enough to find some shade next to the ballpark. While it wasn't as close as where we sat on a previous visit to Thunder, we still enjoyed the show and the fireworks were AWESOME. Not awesome enough to keep Emma and Ryan from falling asleep, but still pretty neat. Ryan had gone to a sleepover the night before and was just bushed. Emma had maybe a 10 minute nap that day and she just couldn't keep those little eyes open much longer. She did however manage to go to sleep while still keeping her hands over her ears.

YUM's Got Talent

The theme for this year's Fund for the Arts campaign was "YUM's Got Talent". They invited the children from the children's center to start off the show last Thursday and the kiddos happily obliged by singing "Do Your Ears Hang Low". Of course they were the stars of the show :-) (At least from the parents perspective!).

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Easter was rather chilly for us this year, but it didn't seem to put any kind of damper on the kids in searching for their Easter eggs!Ryan finally got around to wearing the suit we bought him in China back in 2005. Well, more accurately - I finally got around to getting it hemmed and thankfully it still fits him. Needless to say, he received lots of compliments on his dapper apparel. I had bought a really pretty, springy dress for Emma but it was just way too cold for her to wear so I dressed her in a jacket we had bought in China too. They both looked so nice!

Our friends, Brent and Angie White had us out for Easter lunch again this year. They are wonderful cooks and wonderful friends too. Their daughter Jennifer took Emma under her wing and helped her make a candy necklace and bracelet that they had bought for her. She told us that Emma would sneak a bite of the candy and then look at her and smile the sweetest little smile. Little stinker - I had told her she couldn't have any candy before lunch. Anyway, it was a delightful day!