Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Month Ago ...

It's hard to believe that it was one month ago that Rebecca came into our lives forever. She's adapted so easily in this last month that it's hard to believe that she hasn't always been with us.

Her favorite things are playing with Emma and Ryan, playing with her baby dolls and also with the toy kitchen that Santa brought. She also LOVES a leap frog magnet thing that has been on our fridge forever that has the alphabet with it and it makes the sound of the letters as they are placed in it. It tickles me that she plays with toys much more than Emma did/does ... but now that Rebecca is showing attention to those things that Emma has ignored for 3 years, well - they are now all of a sudden Emma's most special toy(s). They do play well together, so it's pretty easy to be forgiving towards Miz Divine being a little stinker from time to time.

I took Rebecca on a big outing of doctors appointments the other day. The pediatrician says she looks great! The funny thing is, she and Emma weigh the exact same weight! However, Emma is 1" taller than Bex. We also had an appointment with the heart doctor and he said everything looks great. There is a small amount of leakage between the two chambers but he said it is not enough to worry about. He told us there are no restrictions on her activity & that he'll see her in a year. He mentioned several times that they did a great job on her surgery in China. The visit to the dentist wasn't as good though, she has some decay on some of her front teeth. I really thought the teeth were broken but no, it is decay that I'm sure came from being put down with a bottle. In defense of that though, I know the home was not setup to take care of 3 year old children so I'm sure they did what they could to take care of everyone. The rest of her teeth looked great though so that was a relief. The dentist doesn't want to fill them yet because she doesn't want to scare Rebecca so we'll just wait a few months and let her get even more comfortable with us.

As far as other things with Bex:
  • Baby girl LOVES to eat. Subsequently, she fits right in with this family.
  • She still calls Ryan "Ry-ah" but it sounds so cute that I can't bring myself to correct her.
  • She loves to play patty-cake and smiles the biggest smile while we're doing it. Then she wants everyone else to paht-eee cake too.
  • She loves to play rock-a-bye baby with her papa but she calls it "rock a baby". Then she'll do the same thing with her baby dolls, it's really cute.
  • She is the easiest child in the world to get along with. We had so many people warn us of her strong personality/strong will, which she does have. However, she is very easily redirected and when you do use a more stern voice with her, she listens. Unlike someone else who shall rename nameless at this point.
  • She is VERY compassionate towards others, especially if she thinks you are sad. She lets us know when someone is crying (the same one who shall remain nameless) or if she thinks someone is sad about something.
  • She is also very loving and cuddly, which we all enjoy. She likes to snuggle with all of us and it just melts my heart when she and Emma are snuggled up together and then they hug and kiss each other. It also melts my heart when she crawls up in Ryan's lap and loves on him. Which reminds me, I need to get a picture of both of the girls snuggled up with Brian in his chair. It is a site to behold!
  • Her favorite question is "Mama - What dis?", there's no telling how many times a day I hear that but I'm overjoyed that she loves to learn and loves to ask questions. Now we just need to work on pronouncing "this"!

My apologies for the lack of pictures. I still can't believe I didn't take my camera for her checkup. With that said though, I'll have to confess - I must be either STUPID or CRAZY for thinking it would be no big deal to take 3 children to the pediatrician's office and all of us wait in one little tee-tiny room while the most wonderful doctor in the world checks two of them and attempts to carry on a conversation with me. She kept telling me that when you work in pediatrics, you are used to chaos. Rethinking that day I have to wonder - was she trying to convince me or herself :-) ... I told the receptionist as I was leaving that if I ever try to make multiple appointments at one time again to remind me of the appointments on Jan 9, 09. Goodness I was ready to get out of there!


Linda said...

Wonderful to see your family doing so well.. I love seeing Rebecca's sweet face, always makes me smile... It's great how her medical went and how she is fitting into your family. Again , thanks for sharing your journey with us.. Linda

The Byrd's Nest said...

God is so good isn't He? She has adjusted so well and you can tell by her pictures that she loves people and cares for them.

Emma Jane had alot of decay on her four front teeth and we had them fixed yesterday...we too thought one of them was broken. They said it was her bottle....that her birthmother must have put her to bed with it each night.

Marla said...

She does fit just perfectly. She is so cute and funny, you can just see her little wheels turning. It was a great surprise to see her the other day.

Teresa said...

Yes, we need pictures of her cute little charming face. I love seeing her smile. What a triple blessing you have with your children.

Jboo said...

So glad to hear that she is doing so well with everyone. Sounds like an absolute sweetheart! Take care.


Norma said...

I found one child a breeze, two kids not much different but three.........whole different dynamic.
So happy Miss Rebecca is happy at home!!!
Eager for every photo!!!

Heather BT said...

Acer always said Dis too, then he got a toy called the 'New This drum.' I had to make very sure people were understanding that they were hearing him say that, not Nudist Drum. After hearing me over enunciate it enough times, his this is now very clear