Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Emma Referral Day!

I know I post this every year, but it's such a wonderful memory for me that I just can't help myself. What a day it was! I had been emailing back and forth with a friend I had made through the adoption process. Her paperwork had gone in earlier than ours and she was fairly certain she would get a referral, but ours was several weeks later and so I wasn't sure. Hopeful though!

Sure enough my phone rang at work and it was our adoption agency. People gathered around my desk as they heard me asking questions. Of course the detailed list of questions I had PLANNED on asking pretty much got set aside as our family advocate started telling me several things from Emma's paperwork.

Brian and I really hadn't discussed the dissemination of information once we did receive the call and personality wise, he and I are pretty much at opposite ends of the spectrum. I asked our family advocate if she would email the pictures to me. Which she did. Then full 'Carolin' style, I promptly forwarded to everyone and their mother. Brian had assumed we would drive to Lexington together and see the picture together as a family. A tad bit of a disconnect huh?

Somehow in my hurry and excitement I emailed the picture to his personal email address but not his work address so he didn't realize I had even sent it out ... that is, until a friend of mine/coworker of his called him to congratulate him on his adorable daughter. Can you say "oops!"

But we made it through, I really don't think I could have waited until we drove to Lexington to see that precious little face anyway!

So, happy 6 year anniversary of our referral for Emma Lian! Here she is then.

and then here she is now (well - as of last fall anyway!)

I sure love that little dimpled dumpling!


Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

Oh, I couldn't have waited either. In fact, Rick was home when we got the surprise call a month earlier than I thought we would! July had been split so I called to check with our coordinator who told me not to worry since our referral was the first one of the new year for our agency. "Referral???" I asked. Yep!
We got the envelope with her picture the very next day so we were all together, Peter included, when we saw her picture for the first time. "Is this Caroline?" Peter asked before the envelope was opened. "Yes" I said. It's finally her.

Congratulations on your sweet Emma. She is precious!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my that not the most precious referral picture!!!! She is too adorable for words and as always...I LOVE THOSE DIMPLES!!!!

Virginia said...

Aww, Happy Referral Day Anniversary. She was, and is, the cutest little thing!

Gin =)

Kristie said...

What a special little angel she is to everyone who meets her. We love her very much.