Saturday, June 4, 2011

The "Wrist" of the Story

Okay, so here's the story on the broken wrist.

It was a Sunday, I have nursery duty at church once a month & that was my day. My friend who I normally am with was gone that day. For some weird reason there weren't any babies ... so, I was playing with my phone and had the bright idea to 'clean it up'. During the process of 'cleaning' I deleted my mobile me account that I never used. Little did I know that ALL of my contacts were associated with that and bam! They were gone. I was highly distressed. I have LOTS of people I keep up with and lots of contacts that I've had for years that were in one place and one place only - my phone. Except now they were gone. I was upset.

I thought surely though that there would be a way to get them back, even if I did have to pay a blackmail fee (the mobile me YEARLY fee - that I didn't know was YEARLY when I bought the stupid stuff). Or, I would be able to restore them. So after lunch I went about the task of getting them back except nothing worked. Very long story, but nothing worked. I was testy, I was mad and probably not a pleasant momma to be around. Brian & Ryan left for baseball practice and while I was sitting here all ticked off and sad, it dawned on me how stupid the whole thing really was and that if they were gone, they were gone - no crying over spilled milk.

So, in all my wisdom I asked the girls if they would like for me to borrow the neighbor's dog to play with. See, we do not have any animals because Ryan is allergic to cats and Emma is allergic to dogs and cats and poor little Rebecca loves all little animals. The neighbor happily obliged our request and the dog was more than happy to be playing ... but the dog was HYPER and we do not have a fenced yard and the dog, well - he isn't exactly broken to a leash. We decided the dog might calm down a bit if we were to take him for a walk so we headed out and ended up stirring up every yappy dog in the neighborhood. But the girls were happy, the dog was happy and I was happy that they were happy. And the dog, he was fun - even if he didn't walk on a leash well.

He eventually settled down some and we headed home but were walking on the side we would have been driving on. We live in a hilly/curvy neighborhood and were almost back to the house and I was close to the edge of the road but the girls were out in the street & I could hear a car coming.

I asked the girls a couple of times to move over but they were busy watching the dog and I hear that the car is getting closer and we're almost at the bottom of a hill and again I tell them to move over and while I'm telling them this I am turned around talking to them and giving them the whole mommy voice / mommy eye thing to show them I meant business and to MOVE OVER. Well, I guess I stepped out into plain stinkin' air. There's probably a 10 - 12" drop off on the side of the road and then an incline from that into a ditch.

When the step didn't connect, I fell - I even did a complete roll down the incline. It happened so fast! I'm sure with my big beee-hind that the whole thing was really pretty. I was muddy. My knee was bloody. The girls were upset. The car that was coming stopped. I waved it on - after all, I'm tough country girl stock. Did I mention the girls were upset? Emma ran across the street to get our neighbor to help me. I tried to get up but my knee hurt and when I tried to brace myself with my right hand, I couldn't put any pressure on it.

Not sure how I did it, but I did get up. I wasn't about to have someone help me get out of that ditch! Not sure if it was pride or embarrassment or what - but as I watched Emma cross the street and go up the hill, I knew I had to be UP before she got to that door.

Oh, and I never let go of the dog. Nor did I cry. I wasn't about to cry in front of the girls because they were freaked out by my bloody knee and I didn't want to freak them about by crying or bringing attention to my hand that was pointed in one direction while a bone by my wrist was pointed another!

Sweet little Emma called her papa and he was already on his way home. I took a quick shower because I didn't want to go to ER all muddy. But getting ready for my shower and taking a shower with a broken throbbing wrist is none too easy.

The wrist was indeed broken, "shattered" is what we later found out. I had some kind of thing on it, don't think it was a cast but it was all wrapped up past my elbow. Surgery. A cast past my elbow. Followed by a smaller cast. May was a rough month for me to say the least.

Oh, and once the girls were taken care of and I was in the ER alone with my sweet hubby - I finally did cry.

So there you go, the "wrist" of the story!

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Kristie said...

Poor thing! We had just been talking about falling and breaking bones at Emma's skating party. Hope you are all better now!