Monday, October 22, 2007

Indiana State Capitol - In pursuit of Ryan's quest to visit all 50 State Capitols -

About a year and a half ago Ryan decided that one of his goals is to visit all 50 State Capitols. Now, I'm not quite sure how we're going to get that done by the time he is 15, especially those on the west coast but slowly we are trying to get in a few. So far we have taken him to see the Capitols in Alabama (last summer), Indiana (back in January for his birthday), Kentucky (we've been there a couple of different times since moving here) and Oklahoma (in 2001 so he probably doesn't remember much about that one). We made a little side trip to Springfield, IL on our way to Chicago so that he could see the IL one. At this rate he's going to have to finish this goal after he graduates!

Anyway, we enjoyed touring the Capitol and Ryan asked the guide several questions. It is a beautiful building and has lots of intricate details such as paintings in the ceiling. I especially enjoyed the rotunda and looking up at the beautiful stained glass! But most of all, it really tickles me when he is so interested in things like that. We also toured Abraham Lincoln's home he lived in when he was elected president and we also had an opportunity to visit the Lincoln Museum which was QUITE impressive.

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