Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pictures With Santa

Last year was a little traumatic in terms of getting a picture with Santa. Emma didn't want to do it and I convinced myself she would be fine as long as she was promised some chocolate. The proverbial egg was on my face though because she did in fact see Santa, just lots of tears during the process. She walked off sobbing asking for her chocolate! Silly me, I had promised the chocolate on the condition she take a picture with Santa, I just didn't qualify it with "no tears".

This year I decided to forego the mall experience (and long line) and just take them out to the local animal/farm supply place instead. We had no more walked in when Emma spotted Santa and declared in a rather loud voice "I don't want him to touch me!" - did I mention she said this loudly and repeated it several times! We all assured her she could sit across from him and would not have to be touched. She marched right up, stuck out her little hand, shook hands with Santa and said "how ya' doin'?" ... it was really cute and funny. She ended up talking to him quite a while and he was very patient and kind!

After finally getting over the fear of Santa she then wanted to talk to every Santa we saw during the shopping season!

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jaredandkatie said...

This sounds exactly like typical Emma.