Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rebecca - The Story Behind The Name

Some of you may already know, but that’s the name she has now in the Starfish Home and we have chosen to keep it.

Her name is of Hebrew origin and some of the meanings are: Captivating, To Snare and Servant of God.

I’ve shared with some friends and family how different this adoption has been when compared to our adoption of Emma. With Emma’s adoption, there were yahoo groups that had been setup for people logged in during certain times. There was also a yahoo group for the people adopting from our agency that were logged in during the same time frame. Needless to say, I “met” many people who were in the same exact time frame of their adoption that we were. We had fun activities such as cyber showers and post card swaps. It was a lot of fun.

With this adoption, those same types of yahoo groups exist but adoption as we knew it has changed drastically. Namely, the process has slowed wayyyyy down. Given the 2+ years that we have already waited, coupled with being so stinking busy – I just haven’t had the time nor the energy to form the same types of relationships that I had during the first adoption. There have been a few I’ve really connected with, but it’s just different. Hard to explain.

With all that said though, lately I have crossed cyber paths with lots of people who have either been to the Starfish Home, work diligently to raise money for the starfish children’s surgeries or people who will be going there.

Which brings me back to Rebecca’s name ... Believe it or not, but I have been chatting back and forth with the lady who actually named Rebecca! Is that awesome or what! When I asked her how she came about naming her, this was her response:

“We picked Rebecca because we love Biblical names and wanted the Lord's hand to be on her life.”

How appropriate, because that is the same desire we have for our daughter.

We adopted Emma in May of 2005. I looked back through some notes I have kept to see when I first started asking our agency when we could apply to go back for another daughter. The first email I sent was in late September of 2005. Brian & I were talking about it – and I was praying about it weeks before that email was sent. Anyone want to guess when Rebecca was born? She was born early in September of 2005!

I truly believe that even then, the Lord’s hand was on her life.


Marla said...

What an amazing story. She truly is a gift from God.

Teresa said...

Yep. God has His hand on her life for sure!

I'm glad that our Yahoo group still has close ties and the new brothers and sisters have just been added to the fold.