Friday, November 7, 2008

Stroll Down "Costume Lane"

Looking at the two pictures of Rebecca in her little costumes reminded me of the costumes Emma has had. It's funny because when I had Ryan, I had all of these visions of homemade birthday cakes & homemade costumes. Ryan did indeed have homemade birthday cakes for his first two birthdays. The second one just about did me in though & it's been store bought ever since. it was a train set where the individual train cars were cakes made out of mini-loaf pans. The train tracks were those chocolate wafer cookies and I used mini-marshmallows to make smoke coming up from the train. The cake was pretty cute - my kitchen was a disaster area! Pretty much the same kind of story for his first few Halloween costumes. Poor kid.

Then along comes Emma & my creative juices start flowing again but this time I'm armed with friends who can actually create things!

Check these out.

Emma's first Halloween with us & she goes as an Elephant. The outfit was lovingly made by my friend & co-worker Susan who grew up around the theater and is VERY talented. She made this without a pattern!

Her second Halloween, she was a Candy Corn. This one was made from a pattern by another talented lady who we go to church with. How cute is this?!

For her third Halloween, she was a Scarecrow. Believe it or not, but it was made from the same pattern as the Candy Corn but this time my mom made it. I loved the fabric pieces she picked out for it!

Then of course I've already shown the "Skunk" one for this year - it certainly fit the "little stinker" that she is. But, she's now discovered that her friends wear princess things, pretty things, frilly stuff - so I guess the funny/different stage is over for now.

She put the full court press on trying to get me to go out and buy a princess costume for trick or treating but I told her she would have to wait until next year. We modified the "skunk" as much as we could by adding a tiara - I just haven't had a chance to download the pictures yet. Emma The Princess Skunk.

My poor kids :-)


Jboo said...

Great costumes -- each one was so adorable! Have a fun weekend!


Felicia said...

I can't pick a favorite...they're all so adorable.