Monday, May 25, 2009


A facebook buddy helped me with a new term for Emma. You know how typing is evaluated by WPM (words per minute), well with Emma it's more along the lines of "Questions Per Minute". Believe me, the rate is very high.

Preschool finished up last week and throughout the week Emma came home with various treasures. Although an odd thing to come home with in May she brought home a nativity set. We had no more gotten out of the parking lot and she had it out of her backpack and was proudly showing it to me ... then the questions started, and this isn't even all of them.
  • Which one is Joseph?
  • Why is Joseph wearing a dress?
  • What were the three gifts?
  • Which one is carrying the gold?
  • And then that was followed by which one is carrying the myrhh, etc.
  • A long discussion followed about them following the star
  • So Joseph is Jesus's father on earth and God is his father in heaven?
  • What is Mary praying about? (in this nativity set her eyes are closed). On this one I asked her if she thought Mary might be praying and thanking God for her new baby? Her reply-
  • So why aren't the men praying?

A few weeks ago their lesson in Sunday school was about Philip and the Ethiopian. Emma asked her teacher what the Ethiopian's name was. When she told Emma she didn't know she then asked her why the bible doesn't tell us what his name was.

She has way more questions than I have answers. Little Emma ... precious little, questioned filled Emma. There's never a dull moment when she's around.


Felicia said...

I think talk show host may be in her future. Too cute!!

Marla said...

Dont they ask the cutest things!
We cant wait to see you this weekend.

Leslie said...

That is so darn funny. I love when you share these stories with us. You do the best job at explaining them too.
Love that Emma.

Anonymous said...

QPM - I LOVE it!!!!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

Thats hilarious! Alex is only 3.5 and i should use the QPM to describe his skills too!!! So funny and adorable! We all should be so curious! Not long ago he asked me how my pregnant friend was going to get her baby out... so far all he has experienced is people flying to get babies!!! haha! I enjoy following your life along... with, might i add... the two cutest girls ever! They are soooo beautiful! and seem so happy! Thanks for sharing!!!