Friday, July 31, 2009

Ottawa Beach

After we enjoyed the Dutch Village in Holland we headed out to Ottawa Beach. Again, this one was nice too. While the beach at Saugatuck was a little more on the private side and not quite as much sand area, it was perfect for me. The Ottawa beach was more typical of the beaches we are used to in Florida and the kids, well Ryan, preferred that to the more secluded one. He'll be old one of these days too & will understand my preference to the isolated one. ha.

Ryan at work ... I swear we do feed the child, I realize the picture on the bottom doesn't really look like it. Believe it or not, but he eats as much as I do. He just runs his off!
Rebecca pretty much just stuck to playing in the sand, she LOVES playing in the sand, and eating ice cream, that she calls it "icee-cream". Bless her little bones, she has yet to perfect eating icee-cream from a cone. She made a big-O mess. Hopefully she has learned that it's not a good idea to eat from the bottom up. Oh, and when we ordered ice cream I asked her if she wanted strawberry ice cream and she was adamant that no, she wanted ice cream. For the life of me I could not convince her that it was strawberry ice cream. She was all kinds of upset when Emma's was pink and hers was not. Every time we had ice cream after that she told me she wanted Strawberry ice cream! Life's lessons sometimes come with some tears.

And then there's Emma playing in the sand and the water and running up to pose for me. She likes the camera while Ree-bex likes to turn the other way when I get it out.
Ryan and Emma joined in with some other kids playing nearby that were digging a big ol' hole. It kept them very busy for a very long time. Made me think that maybe I should invest in a back yard full of sand!


Felicia said...

These are some of the best vacation images ever. They scream vacation....awesome!

Courtney said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun and checked out some interesting places.

Melissa said...

I'm with Felicia! You totally captured the fun of it!

Leslie said...

What awesome collages Caroline. You sure did capture a fabulaous time up north. Makes me want to leave tomorrow.

Thanks for talking to me the other day. You can always calm my soul.

Love you!!!!