Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pool Party @ Opryland

While we were in Nashville we were invited over to the Opryland Hotel to swim with another Starfish Family who came to town to visit with Amanda also. Their daughter Amanda was one of the original 6 babies of the Starfish Home. We all got a big laugh because little Amanda is obviously named after Amanda who started the Starfish Home, however she seemed to think that the elder Amanda was named after her! haha. She said something along the lines of "you have my name" to which Amanda replied, "no, no - you have MY name". It was really cute!

We had the best time just letting the girls play and us getting to know each other. You know how you meet people sometimes who just make you feel so at ease and you feel like you have just known them forever? Well, that's how I felt about little Amanda's family. I also enjoyed being able to visit some more with Amanda. Which makes me think ... I hope I'm not being too confusing w/ all these Amanda's! Another Starfish family from IL that I have talked to & emailed back and forth stopped by also and we were finally able to meet in person. They adopted their daughter about a year ago and they had sent us pictures they took of Rebecca while they were there. Another sweet, sweet family.

The best part of the day though, watching Rebecca love with Amanda. She loved showing off her "swimming" abilities to Amanda and having all of us brag on how well she is doing. Then she took a break from swimming and went and laid on the chaise lounge with Amanda. There was just pure contentment written all over her little face.

These pictures pretty much say it all. She started out having Amanda wrap her up in a towel, then she sat on her lap, that progressed to her laying down by her, then on top of her and then moved down by her feet and just hung out.

The mini-Starfish reunion. The Starfish babies are of course Rebecca on the far left. Amanda in the middle with the orange floatie things, her sister Bethanie is to the left and behind her. Megan on the right in the pink swimsuit, her sister Carly is behind her. Emma was way too busy to be included in the photo op.

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sierrasmom said...

Carolin, The pictures are precious. I an so glad that Rebecca got to see her Amanda!!!!