Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Bike For Bex

One of our presents for Rebecca was her very own, brand spanking new bicycle. We ended up giving it to her a day early because it was soooo pretty here that day and the kids were out playing anyway. We had her turn around, close her eyes - the whole 9 yards and then gave it to her. She was smiling ear to ear!

Practically speaking we probably should have bought a new bike for Emma (since she's riding without training wheels) and then handed down Emma's bike to Bex. But, practicality doesn't always line up with what's on the heart - so a new bike was in order.

Rebecca has made so many strides this past year, being able to even pedal a bike a year ago was very difficult for her. Now she can peddle, skip and jump to her hearts content.

And I'll just say - buying a new bike was so worth the big smile and thankful heart!

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Jet said...

You can clearly see by the look on her face how happy she is with her new bike... PRECIOUS!!!