Monday, September 13, 2010

For Today

Outside my window: It's dark and a cool breeze tonight during Ryan's game. Fall is almost here - I can just feel it!

I Am Thinking: About my sweet hubby. He had a deacon meeting tonight and he's still not home. Even if we're not talking, I like having him close by and it feels a little lonesome with him not here.

I Am Thankful For: My new job. Which I guess isn't really that new now considering I've been there almost 9 months. Really, really like the team I'm on. Like our boss - he's a good guy. A friend of mine from the job we were laid off from is now there too and it's nice having her there as well. It's just a good fit and I am so thankful to have it.

From The Kitchen: Where's that?

I Am Wearing: Khaki shorts, white t-shirt. Barefoot!

On the 'Go Organize' Front: Brian & I worked on the basement some more. Then he started in on the garage .... he's a cleaning machine when he's in the mood. Now we have a van full of things to haul off to Goodwill.

I Am Going: To bed soon. As soon as Brian gets home that is.

I Am Reading: Haven't really started anything yet ... have picked up a few, only to put them right back down. My sister emailed today with a suggestion for a book - need to stop by the library and see if they have it. I love to read!

I Am Hoping: That we can save extra money for vacation next summer so that hopefully we could fly somewhere instead of driving. Not sure if we'll be able to, but am going to give it the old college try.

I Am Praying For: Ryan - he really hasn't seemed like himself lately. But I know he's probably just tired with school, baseball and church activities. Also for Brian's oldest son Jesse who will be heading back to Iraq in the next few months.

I Am Hearing: Total, complete quietness. The girls are in bed and I'm thinking Ryan must be too.

Around The House: A little messy, but not terribly so. Not anything I couldn't fix in an hour or so if I'd just do it. Laundry baskets filled with clean clothes and taken to the appropriate rooms, but still needs to be put away.

One Of My Favorite Things: The girls playing at the playground while Ryan is playing baseball. They have such a good time and their evenings are made that much better when they get to spend some money at the concession stand!

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: Another baseball game for Ryan on Tuesday night. Rebecca's 5 year checkup is on Wednesday & then gymnastics for Emma that evening, while Brian, Ryan & Rebecca go to church. Dance for both girls on Thursday and yet another baseball game for Ryan. A sleepover for Emma on Friday (she is SOOOOO excited!) - this is her very first one. Wish I could go and take pictures :-)

Have a great week everyone!


Neeson Family said...

can I steal this Carolin? great way to document your days...........and mine I hope

Carolin said...

Absolutely! I got it from a friend's blog ... now that you mention it, I think I'm supposed to link back to the originator when I use it - but haven't been doing that. Oh no!