Sunday, October 17, 2010

For Today

Outside my window: It's dark and somewhat warm for a fall night. I know I'll regret saying this later, but I'm ready for some real fall weather.

I Am Thinking: About my sweet hubby. He works so hard, has such a stressful job and then it seems like there are so many things around here that need to be done. He worked all weekend trying to finish up our bathroom. I'll be so glad when we are done with remodeling and can start getting out and about again.

I Am Thankful For: My family. I fuss at all of them from time to time, but I enjoy them so much. Each personality so different and so enjoyable in their own way. I watched the three kiddos out the window off an on all afternoon yesterday as they made up their own little game with sand pails and hickory nuts. Not quite sure what all they were doing but they picked up a bunch & then played and played with them.

From The Kitchen: Made fajitas yesterday which were yummy! Last week I was really in a cooking mood and made a meatloaf, some yummy pecan pie muffins (that are DELICIOUS!).

I Am Wearing: Blue & white shorts, yellow t-shirt ... not so sure they match :-(

On the 'Go Organize' Front: Cleaned out Ryan's closet - that child has hit a big growth spurt and nothing from last winter fits. Also went through the girls clothes and made a goodwill pile and a friend pile. Saved a few summer things for next summer but can tell that 5T's will not be fitting next summer. Makes me a little sad that we're completely out of the toddler sizes now :-(

I Am Going: To bed soon. Busy weekend wore me out.

I Am Reading: Just finished a rather odd book that my mom sent. She warned me ahead of time that the title and subject was not something I would typically read but encouraged me to give it a try. She said it was really good, not so sure I agree, but for some reason couldn't put it down either. The book is called "Imperfect Endings: A Daughter's Tale of Life and Death". It was basically about rights to die - which is weird to me, but the book was well written. Unsettling, but well written. Now I need something new to read!

I Am Hoping: That Brian can get some relief from the stress of his job.

I Am Praying For: A family we know who was in the process of adopting, they were there for the child's birth - no red flags from their agency, all seemed like it was going well but the birthmother changed her mind. The family is crushed to say the least.

I Am Hearing: Football on the tv ... sigh.

Around The House: Clean! Brian was busy with remodeling things, the kids played all afternoon in the yard and so I was able to get the whole house cleaned! Well, except the dining room - but that's another story.

One Of My Favorite Things: FALL!!! Beautiful gold and orange trees. Cool air. Opening the house up. The fresh smell in the air!!! I was going to take the kids to the park and take pictures but just didn't make it this weekend. I did take Rebecca on a test shoot last Wednesday & found the perfect foliage. I would upload my favorite ... but my laptop went kaput.

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: Baseball is over. Fall break is over. So it's back to a somewhat normal schedule with no sports for a few weeks. Gymnastics for Emma on Wednesday, Dance for the girls on Thursday. Ryan is leaving for a class trip to Chicago on Friday. A church 'senior social' on Saturday that we're really looking forward to. We will be helping another Sunday school class host this and the theme is HeeHaw - we did this last year and it was a blast!!! The class we are helping has a room full of talented people who are just natural at these skits. Funny, funny stuff!

Have a great week everyone!


The Byrd's Nest said...

I might steal this idea...I love it! I miss fall...I really miss all of the leaves changing colors...pumpkin patches...and just the smell in the air;)

I loved it when we lived in Texas and Lottie and Emma would just collect nuts and rocks and sticks for hours!!!!

quilt-n-mama said...

pecan pie muffins... can I have your recipe! They sound awesome.
I am so sad that we aren't coming to the ville as well. We were planning to and so excited bt schedule just won't let it happen this time:( One of these days... we'll make it!