Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Tis the Season

Lots going on around the Hunter household. I'll spare you all the details, but goodness it seems like we're never home anymore. My plan was to have our Christmas trees up before we left to go to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, would be able to do my shopping and get cards done as soon as we got home ... but you know the saying about the best laid plans ...

We had a wonderful trip to Oklahoma, the girls are ready to pack up and move but while we were there my computer went completely down. It's taken until just this week to get a new drive in, get everything re-installed and all my data retrieved. Whew. That on top of basketball starting, dance, gymnastics, church, shopping to do, a never ending pile of laundry and a messy house - you know the drill. Then the washing machine went kaput too, not fun. Not fun at all.

This past weekend it snowed and in my mind it was going to be the PERFECT opportunity to take pictures for our cards. I had bought the cutest red dresses for the girls and a new sweater for Ryan and I had this image in my mind of their little faces flushed from cold air and pictures of them frolicking in the snow. What I didn't factor into the equation is them being so cold from 'frolicking' without coats on, nor a grumpy son from not getting enough sleep over the weekend and therefore not in the mood to 'frolick'. Needless to say, good pictures of smiling happy children were not to be had that day. Well, Emma was happy - but she's always happy.

At this point Christmas cards are still not done and I'm not holding my breath that it's actually going to happen this year.

With that said, this is the best I got ... and from our home to yours - MERRY CHRISTMAS!


rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Love the picture! Love the dresses!

Happy Christmas!

Virginia said...

I love their dresses, and I think the picture is great. Have a Merry Christmas! =)