Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

We truly had a very Merry Christmas! Even though this was Rebecca's second Christmas with us, she knew the drill - and knew it very well indeed! All the kids were really, really sweet about wanting us to open gifts from them as well as wanting their siblings to open the presents they had bought for one another. It was so nice watching them being so kind and caring! Not that they aren't that way, it's just that they seemed to really be in the spirit of giving instead of just getting - if that makes sense.

Emma's favorite item in her stocking was meat sticks, which really tickled her papa. One of the first English words she learned was "meat" and she's pretty much been a carnivore ever since! She'll still pretty much take a piece of meat over any other food offered.
Rebecca's favorite present was a doll house and some barbie things. Emma never really has been a barbie kind of girl, although she does have one she plays with in the bathtub. So needless to say, there's not any barbie things laying around for Rebecca so she truly relished the ones she received.
I picked this out for her as well as a little coin purse in the same colors. The funny thing is, my sweet sister sent her a matching monogrammed hat - and she didn't even know I had picked out the same color scheme for some of the things I had bought! Now how fun is that?! Rebecca was wearing it around and saying she was a baseball player. Well, not sure about playing ball in a cute monogrammed/polka dotted cap - but that works for me!

Ryan's favorite gift and the thing he has been bugging me to get for months and months and months (or so it seemed) was an airsoft gun. He and his buddies have been having airsoft wars and he is totally into it. While not exactly what I prefer for him to be 'into', I guess it's better than a lot of other things :-)

For some reason this really cracked us up. We saw this view several times throughout the morning!

The messy aftermath.


Virginia said...

I call Kerry my little carnivore, too! She would happily subsist on a diet of meat alone, in fact, tonight we had pizza and she only ate the pepperoni, sausage and ham, wouldn't touch the rest. Those girls of ours are georgeous, and it looks like you all had a nice Christmas. Have a great New Year!

Gin =)

Teresa said...

What a beautiful Christmas!

We give turkey jerky in the stockings. Tradition that the kids love! The bag is usually empty before the end of the day too.

Peter likes airsoft too. They have a hard time playing in our neighborhood, though. City ordinances, ya know.