Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Hunter Fam

So now I remember why I quit blogging ... something happened with the picture upload process such that portrait pictures upload in landscape & you can not rotate them.  Sigh.  Portrait seems to be my favorite way to shoot & so it was just confounded aggravating to me.  Apparently you can upload to picasa web albums and then port over & it's fine ... but that's several steps.

Okay, so now that I've complained - here's a family picture.  Hard to believe we have been home with Rebecca since January 2009 & this is our first family picture with her.  Okay, I'll admit it - I have issues being on the other side of that lense - but still, that's kinda sad!


Courtney said...

Your family portrait is beautiful!

quilt'n-mama said...

I love the picture! Can you believe it has been almost 3 years! How the time has flown!
We did get hit by the storm, more ice than snow right here but inches of snow stack up fast near us. The highway has been closed until about an hour ago.
The kids loved it, went out and played and shoveled the driveway. Hope you are all doing well!
Blessings friend,

Lindy D. said...

When I read about Amanda today on someone's blog, I was trying to remember what child I "knew" that had been so fond of her. I finally remembered that it was your youngest. Having had cancer myself, I know the great cost of cancer treatment and the risk of not being insured. Praying for Amanda and for your family as you process the news of Amanda's illness and need for care.

I miss your blog. I use to link over here from "Lego's and Tutu's" and she is not posting anymore. I also remember you from reading Melissa' and Maree's blogs. They both posted about Shawn last summer, but have not posted for quite awhile.

Hope all is well with your sweet family!

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