Monday, December 12, 2011


Goodness, how do you start back blogging when you've been Missing In Action for so long now?  I've had several people ask me & to be honest - life has just been crazy for us lately and I really haven't felt like I had much to add of value for anyone.  Now how does that sound for pitiful?!

Also, I do not like blogging w/out pictures and the last time I had tried to add pictures there was something weird going on with blogger & I got terribly frustrated. 

With that said - I'll try to do better :-)

So what's been going on w/ us since August/September time frame.

Ryan:  Has realized he has a love & passion for cross country running.  Some of those meets were captured here ... or maybe it was just one???  But all of those were captured on Facebook.  Yes, I'll admit I'm a proud mama.  He did extremely well for his first season, but foremost - he enjoyed it and really that's all I want for any of my kids is for them to enjoy that which they do.  He also played fall baseball and again, I have about a bazillion pictures of that too.  Basketball has started for winter but most likely you'll be spared the pictures.  For one I get too excited about the games to actually be able to concentrate on taking pictures and two - I just have issues it seems trying to take any inside shots.

Emma:  This little dumpling moved up to the first level of competition in gymnastics and had her very first meet this past weekend.  I'll try to upload pictures of that - it was adorable!  Again, not a proud mama one iota.  January & February weekends will be full with more meets.   Looks like we'll be traveling to Indianapolis, IN and Knoxville, TN but the other meets will be a little closer to home.  Did I mention she looks adorable in her little competition leotard?  She does :-)

Rebecca:  Is absolutely LOVING being in Kindergarten.  Loves her teacher (who is AWESOME I might add), loves her friends and is so tickled about learning!  Right now she's not in any extracurricular activities other than AWANA at church - but I think she's happier that way anyway.

Other than kiddos, we were able to go to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving & one evening we were able to have a get together with a lot of the cousins from my dad's side of the family & it was a lot of fun!  I was also able to catch up with a childhood friend who was like a brother to me - very enjoyable trip!

So, there it is in a nutshell - we pretty much meet ourselves coming and going.

Promise to post pix soon!

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jj frog's mom said...

Oh my! To what do my wandering eyes should appear... But, a blog post but no reindeer... Welcome back Mrs. Hunter!