Friday, September 16, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

With summer winding down, the cooler weather moving in and the first few leaves that have been falling - I can't help but go back and look at some of the pictures from this summer.  I know I drive my friends and family crazy with snapping photos but I love pictures.  So many feelings and emotions are brought back from some of  these.

With that said, this picture tickles me to the core of my soul in so many ways.  First, Ryan & Emma have such a unique relationship and they are alike in several ways.  He loves the rough and tumble play and she enjoys receiving it as much as he loves dishing it out.  Secondly, Ryan has finally discovered that having an adorable spunky little sister can work to his advantage in, umm ... how do I say this, in certain "situations".  Which typically means if there are cute little teen chickas around then Emma is going to somehow be involved in something!  Thirdly, Emma has the ability to even look graceful being tossed in the pool.  Please tell me all these gymnastics lessons are going to bring more value to her life than making her look cute flying toward the water!

the long road


jj frog's mom said...

"It's not flying. It's falling, with style!"

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Love your high kicking girl!! She does fall with style and grace!

Super cute photo Carolin! Have a wonderful weekend.



rachel garber said...

I vote baby too but you know, it's just not the time. Darn it.

When are we going to get an update from you! I mean, I'm all snowed in here and wanting to blog stalk the day away!!

sara paul said...

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