Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 2 of the birthday celebrations

We rented a pontoon boat on Sunday & spent a few hours on the lake before we headed back to the 'ville. It reminded me so much of our parents buying a small ski boat when my sister and I were in high school. We lived relatively close to a lake and would take it out in the evenings sometimes when the lake wasn't busy. The lake we were on (Dewey Lake) reminded me a lot of Arbuckle Lake back in Oklahoma.

There were a few HUGE houseboats but the marina really wasn't that big. How fun would it be to rent one of those things for a week! The kids had fun, but I think Emma enjoyed the cookies we had taken more than she did the actual boat ride. There was one point where the wind was blowing her hair back and she was licking the icing off of her cookie and she had pure contentment written all over her little face. We stopped several times & just enjoyed the peaceful scenery. She & I sat at the back of the boat for a little while & I would dip her down in the water and let her splash her little feet in it. She thought that was quite fun, but neither of the kids wanted to actually get in the water.

Brian let both of the kids take a turn driving the boat although Emma had to sit in his lap to be able to see over the wheel. Brian started laughing and told me to look ... she was steering with her feet! Hopefully she will not try that when she gets her license!

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