Tuesday, August 28, 2007

State Fair of Kentucky

We weren't initially planning on going to the fair this year but we were offered free tickets and free parking and just couldn't pass up such a good offer. So on Sunday it was off to the fair for us! Emma is exactly 36" tall and that is the exact minimum height requirement for most of the rides so it was a perfect fit and boy oh boy did she have fun. Ryan had a great time too and was the sweetest big brother by riding most of the smaller rides with her. We had to laugh though because we would hand her the tickets for her ride, Ryan would try to take charge and get them from her and she would clickly clasp that little hand of tickets behind her back as if to say "those are mine and I'm paying myself". How can one so little be so confounded independent? Regardless, it was funny watching the exchange between the two of them.

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