Monday, April 28, 2008

Emma's 4th Birthday Party

Emma turned 4 today, but we celebrated her birthday on Saturday. The kiddos had a blast with the whole "cooking theme" thing. They decorated chef hats and then made marshmallow treats w/ melted chocolate and sprinkles. YUM! The theme carried over to the adorable b-day cake which was decorated like an apron. We really had a fun time and the guests all seemed to enjoy themselves. What kid doesn't like messy chocolate?!

Emma received some of the cutest birthday presents and she has been having fun with all of them. The sweetest moment of the day for me was when she opened up a box that I had gotten from her via one of our interns going to China ... a gift set box of all of the Olympic Mascots. She gave me the sweetest smile and then hugged me! Sweet baby that she is.

I'll post some more pictures of her playing w/ her presents later. Thank you friends and family for helping her celebrate her big day!

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