Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upcoming Birthday Party

Miz Divine will be turning 4 in less than a week. Her birthday party is scheduled for this weekend and we just can't wait! The theme this year is "Cooking Art" and the guests will be decorating little chef hats and then will be making marshmallow treats. If I understood the lady correctly, they will be dipping marshmallows into chocolate and then adding sprinkles. Just glad someone else will be cleaning up that mess instead of me! Surely the little dumplings will love that.

My joy comes from doing all the "theme" things that go along with it - even though it drives my poor husband crazy when I say a party has to have a theme. The party favors are child size aprons that we have personalized for the guests. Once they were made I packaged them in clear goody bags so that the name shows through and also included a child size rolling pin as well as a cookie cutter! The packages are in a mixing bowl to be handed out. Fun, fun, fun.

Of course the cake has to match the theme as well so I found this cute idea on the Family Fun website. The pocket will have a wooden spoon and a pastry brush instead of a fork & knife though.

I just love this kind of thing & can't wait for her party!!!

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Mattie's Mom said...

That is the most adorable party ever! SO different and SO cute. I'm so sorry we missed it, Mattie would have totally had a blast!