Friday, April 4, 2008

Rocker Talk

Even though Emma will soon be 4 years old I still rock her every night. Not long, just enough time to have a few quiet minutes with just the two of us. We've had some pretty good little conversations during this nightly time and it also seems to be a good time for her to ask questions. Needless to say, I'm not sure when we will ever stop this little tradition!

Earlier this week as we were rocking she asked me "Does God have a beard?". Not knowing the answer I asked her what she thought and she replied that she was pretty sure he did because Jesus has a beard. Now, not sure how she knows that but if that's what she thinks then it sounds good to me. She layed there rocking for a few more minutes and she said "You know. I think God has a beard like Fred's". Fred is the artist who made her car for the AWANA race and she had just met him that day. You know, she just may very well be right ...

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