Monday, March 31, 2008


The big AWANA race was yesterday, it's somewhat like the pinewood derby race that the boy scouts do but I think some of the rules may be different. This was Emma's first year to participate and our friend Paul took care of getting Emma's car ... and boy, did he do it up right! He has a friend who is an artist and somehow he coerced him into designing and painting Emma's car which brought about lots of ooohhs and ahhhs from her buddies. Brian made Ryan's cool hot rod and it turned out really well too.

It was an exciting day for Emma, her car won "Best in Show" which was voted on by her peers. The corresponding prize was $25 in McDonald's gift certificates and Emma can't wait to take us out and treat us to dinner. Which is funny as she's always handing us pennies and telling us she wants to pay, now she really can! She won several of the heats she was in but still only came out 3rd in her age group. Then to top out the day she won a door prize of a 'mobile work station' - every girl needs a car kit like that. I would be willing to bet you could store barbie doll clothes in it :-)

Ryan's car ran 2nd in his age group and he also won a door prize - more McDonald's gift certificates!

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