Thursday, March 27, 2008


Our church hosted a community Easter egg hunt on Saturday. The kids had a fun time even though the weather was quite chilly! This was Emma's first one to attend, not sure what came up the last couple of years but for some reason or the other we weren't able to go.

Then on Sunday we spent the day with some friends from church. Every year since we've been here we've been blessed to be included in the Easter celebration at their house. My goodness they can cook but the topping on the cake is the good time we have with them. They are a LOT of fun! We met them not too long after we moved here when they called and invited us to church. It's an interesting story of how that whole connection came about. We have some friends in Texas that we went to church with that were an older couple but they had really reached out to us. Their daughter is probably about my age, and she and her husband had lived here in Kentucky but had moved off and they had been the pastors where our friends had gone to church. Anyway, our friends from Texas called their daughter and asked if they still had connections/friends in KY to help put us in touch with someone. So she called Brent & Angie and then they called us and invited us to church and out to lunch. Did someone say lunch?! We were there - and we've been there ever since! Who would have ever thought one out of the blue phone call would lead to a 7 year friendship? Neat stuff!

Oh, and I made a cake. Yummy, yummy, yummy! I think I've referenced my favorite blog before (pioneer woman - a lady who lives on a ranch in Oklahoma). Well, she also has a site called "The Pioneer Woman Cooks"

I made the DELICIOUS carrot cake recipe that she has on her site and even splurged and bought a sheet cake pan. It makes me feel like such a grownup to buy a sheetcake pan! The cake was so good that I made another one last night for a church thing on Friday. Heck, I just may make another one this weekend for Sunday school. Will Rogers had the saying that he "never met a man he didn't like" - well, I never met a recipe made with cream cheese that I didn't like!

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