Friday, March 21, 2008

Question(s) of the Day

Why do I blog, let me count the ways ... just kidding. I started this blog to allow other adoptive parents to follow along with our adoption story. We used a web service when we traveled to get Emma and I had so many people tell us how much they enjoyed following our journey. I know that when we were waiting for Emma, I LOVED reading stories of other people's journeys. But now that the journey to our next daughter has dragged on much longer than we expected I find myself with no adoption news to report and therefore share all kinds of other things. Which brings me to my question ... what would my readers like to hear about? Basically, what is it you enjoy about our blog? Also, what things bore you to tears? Do you come here to read about adoption or do you come here to read the goofy stories about my little ones?

I'd love to have some feedback as I want to keep it interesting!

Have a blessed day!!!

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Kathy Mansfield said...

I like to read about Emma and Ryan. Seeing Emma helps me to remember that we will one day really have our little girl.

I like the adoption updates. I don't go to adoption sites to get information. I rely on updates that I see on your blog!