Sunday, March 16, 2008

3 Year Anniversary of Emma's Referral

Three years ago today is when we received "the call" for Emma's referral. My goodness, where has the time gone!

To read the details of that day, click here:

Along with a few basic facts these were the pictures we received of the little punkin' - we were instantly smitten with those chubby little cheeks. Who ever would have guessed she had a smile that will melt your heart and Texas sized dimples!

I couldn't help but tear up tonight when I was rocking her at bedtime because I just can't imagine our lives without her. It seems like she has been with us forever and she is such a perfect fit for us. There were so many trials we went through during the paperwork process for her but now I realize that each of those misshaps were for a reason and had any little thing gone as it should have, we would not have Emma today.

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