Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back To School Fun

Here it is late September already and I'm just now talking about 'back to school'. Nothing like being uber-organized. I really desire to get back there one of these days but I have a feeling it's not going to happen any time soon.

Since my new job hadn't started I told the kids that they could each have one day of my time and could do whatever they wanted. Well, within reason that is. Ryan picked the science museum and lunch at Panera. He is so my child & is going to make the best husband for some little chicka one of these days. My buddy Amy, well technically I think she's Emma's buddy but I call her a friend too, offered to keep the girls for me while Ryan enjoyed his day out. Well, one small problem ... a big ol' flood hit the 'ville that day. Amy called on our way into town and told me I may not want to venture down that way because it was flooded. Ryan was sad and kept saying he wasn't going to get his day. The girls were sad because they weren't getting Amy. Amy is much more fun than I am. I was sad because everyone else was sad, plus it was raining which is reason enough to be sad.

Being the kind and gracious girl that she is, Amy took the girls anyway while Ryan and I enjoyed our lunch and then tried finding a back way into downtown. We never found it because traffic was backed up every which way we went.

Subsequently we never made it to the Science Museum that day, but we were able to go on a different day. My baby boy sure likes one on one time w/ his mama. And for the record, I enjoy it too.

This look really means, quit messing with my camera and come help me. Now. Please.

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Lori Lynn said...

Love that first picture. It's totally cool.