Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sideshow At The Ballpark

My apologies to those who have already seen this when I posted it on FB, but I had all kinds of technical issues trying to get it rotated correctly. Spent at least two evenings trying to fix it only for my techno-nerd buddy to fix it in about 2.3 seconds. in a serious kind of way .... I'm thinking we must be spending way too much time up at the ballpark, but boy am I thankful for the playground that is right behind the bleachers. I still do not know what made her think to even try this, but I laugh every time I watch this video. The little stinker!



Courtney said...

She is such a little monkey. I would have been flat on the ground if I had tried this stunt!

Wendy said...

Hi...hope you've all been well. I have to try to catch up on posts. Fall arrived after being away all summer and it felt like a tidal wave and I'm just now coming up for air :)

What a cute video. Hannah is the monkey in our house but I've never seen her try that on a swing (but she climbs up me and flips all the time).

Have a great week!

Teresa said...

That's terrific! Your little gymnast in the making!

Felicia said...

What a gymnast she is, and strong! She has no fear!!

Marla said...

This was the cutest video, it never gets old!