Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facebook, Friends and Funny Memories

Okay, I'll have to admit that I held out on the whole Facebook thing for the longest and finally acquiesced when some of my friends pushed me a tad. Now I just love it, not that I update every little thing but I get great enjoyment reading other peoples notes.

The thing that tickles me the most though is how long forgotten friends find you and how you subsequently just pick right up where you left off. It also strikes me as funny how the long forgotten memories just pop into your head when a friend request shows up in your inbox.

Such was the case today when I saw a friend request from a friend back in middle school who also happened to be my 6th grade boyfriend. He was my boyfriend for at least a week or two. The break up happened over a weird incident in math class where he was teasing me about something, I turned around and picked up his cap to bonk him on the head and as I was picking it up he slipped his lock into the cap. Momentum was already happening and the cap landed on his head, lock and all. Some blood was spilled. I was mortified. His mother had to come get him from school and take him to the doctor. He missed our 6th grade basketball game that afternoon. I broke up with him from embarrassment. Now, when in your life do you get your head bloodied just from flirting with your girlfriend and then have said girlfriend break up with you on top of that.

Which then begs the question, how the heck do you forget that memory for so many years only to have it pop up from a facebook friend request.

Memories ...


Felicia said...

LOL! I'm sure not funny at the time (for your boyfriend) but funny now!

The Byrd's Nest said...

funny.....I love fb too...great way to connect with all those that you enjoy in life!

Lori Lynn said...

That is such a great story! I recently became friends again with a guy I had a crush on through half of High School. He had a girlfriend the whole time, so I never had my opportunity. Even old roommates that I really didn't care for at the time are friends of mine on FB.