Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Skunk & A Tiger

Happy Halloween from the Hunter clan!

The heart on the hind end fittingly says 'Lil Stinker'. And yes, she IS a little stinker!
Emma wanted to wear her skunk outfit from last year, which was fine with me. Everyone she visited had made a big deal out if last year so I think maybe she wanted that again. You know, our kids just do not get enough attention around here! haha. And little Rebecca, for some reason she talks about tigers all the time. Where they sleep, what they eat, do they come in the house - many, many tiger questions. So when I saw the cute little tiger outfit I knew it had her name written all over it. Brian thinks I'm scarring the girls for life by not dressing them as princesses. But, I'm just not a princess kind of mom so hopefully they will turn out fine despite my non-princess ways!
The 'Genie' outfits were a last minute purchase for Howlin' Halloween at Emma's school last night. It was 78 degrees when I got off work yesterday and I knew that Emma especially would burn up in the skunk outfit. I thought they looked adorable, but it took some serious bribery to get Emma to wear hers. I think she may have been swayed when we made such a big deal over how cute Rebecca looked in hers!


Courtney said...

All the costumes are adorable. Happy Halloween!

Virginia and Doug said...

Oh those two are adorable!! Great costumes.

Gin =)

StarfishMom said...

I can see your blog. SO many months in China of no blogs. Loved the Halloween pictures and the story of the choco-lee was too funny. Thank you for sharing. Love ya. Amanda

Lindy said...

Emma and Rebecca are so cute in those costumes. Very fun!

Wendy said...

Happy Halloween! The girls look adorable. How all is well.


quilt-n-mama said...

I love the skunk costume! Too cute- I made fast last minute costumes this year, Nate's was creative I thought- I washing machine- absolutely wouldn't do it once we headed out the door! Actually, he wanted nothing to do with the entire night! once we were home, he had some candy but this was not an event that he was thrilled about:)