Sunday, November 1, 2009


One of the memories I have of my childhood is going to the sale barn with my dad. It's funny because just thinking of the sale barn conjures up memories of various smells, from bad smells to good smells. On the not so good side (think cow and horse you know what) mixed with dust. On the better side it is of hamburgers. Yummy hamburgers. The best hamburgers I've ever had kind of hamburgers. My better half didn't grow up going to the finer places in life like the sale barn, but he has heard me mention 'sale barn burgers' for years now. Anyway, while strolling down main street of Madison, IN last weekend I caught a whiff of a familiar scent and told Brian "I smell sale-barn burgers" and he just laughed. We walked some more and I told him that seriously, I smelled sale barn burgers. But yet I wasn't smelling the other side, the bad side so I knew we must not be in sale barn territory. But lo and behold if we did not happen upon this little place - Hinkle's Hamburgers. Oh my goodness, mighty fine little hamburgers if I do say so myself. Not quite a sale barn burger mind ya', but close enough.


Teresa said...

Smells are the quickest route to long-forgotten memories, aren't they?

Love the pictures from Madison. Especially those bright orange trees! WOW! THanks for sharing them so I could enjoy some fall foliage.

Felicia said...

I just love that little town. And, I love that pic...that's awesome!