Monday, November 16, 2009

First vs 1st

In honor of the story I shared about Ryan in my last post ... my techno/geeko friend-y-o made this. Oh my, I can't quit laughing! Poor little Ryan.

Here's the story if you missed the last post.

He is a lost soul when it comes to navigating, knowing what is where or even really knowing what town we're in sometimes so I have been trying to work with him on these things. We were downtown Louisville not too long ago and I was explaining how numbered streets ran one way and named streets the other. Downtown also has several one way streets so we were doing some backtracking to get around to where we needed to go. I turned on my blinker as we neared "First" and Ryan says "no, no - that's not where you want to turn" and goes on to say that the next street is probably going to be "One S T". He was phonetically saying "1st". This is coming from a straight A student who is also in the gifted and talented program at school. Needless to say, I think we may need to keep working on that area of study.

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Teresa said...

Poor guy! I'd be confused too!