Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Samplings & Oddities

It's been a slow week for blog worthy material in the Hunter household. We even had a few nights at home this week, a real oddity for this 'on the go' family.

First, Emma had a school project where she had to disguise a turkey. Here's what we came up with. A bikini-clad turkey headed to St. Tropez!

Now for the sampling part.

Emma - I made the dire mistake of calling her a "happenin' chick" one day when I had her dressed in a little argyle sweater, denim skirt and some funky leggings. Apparently when she got to school and the teacher made a comment about her outfit she told the teacher that she is a "happenin' chick" which made the teacher laugh and subsequently Emma now likes to use that term fairly often. Except the other day she inadvertently called herself a "Hippenin' chack". We were rolling!

Ryan - He is a lost soul when it comes to navigating, knowing what is where or even really knowing what town we're in sometimes so I have been trying to work with him on these things. We were downtown Louisville not too long ago and I was explaining how numbered streets ran one way and named streets the other. Downtown also has several one way streets so we were doing some backtracking to get around to where we needed to go. I turned on my blinker as we neared "First" and Ryan says "no, no - that's not where you want to turn" and goes on to say that the next street is probably going to be "One S T". He was phonetically saying "1st". This is coming from a straight A student who is also in the gifted and talented program at school. Needless to say, I think we may need to keep working on that area of study.

Rebecca - I turned the mirror down to watch her in the van the other morning as she held a little toy hotdog up as a microphone, holding her other little arm up in the air and was singing very loudly a song she's made up about how much she loves Jesus. She's such a sweet little baby girl!


Courtney said...

Cute stories. I love the turkey!

Marla said...

Great kids you have there! Oh how they make us smile.

quilt-n-mama said...

I love reading stories about your kiddos! Hope you are all doing well!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

Kids are so cute! Alex, 4 makes up these songs about Jesus all the time, too! I LOVE THAT!!!! Precious!