Monday, November 30, 2009

For Today

My sweet friend Gayly does a weekly post called 'The Simple Woman's Daybook' and it's by far my favorite of her posts each week. I think I'm going to try this ... although not sure I can fill in all the categories. But here goes!

Outside my window: It's dark and probably pretty cold, the weather website shows it's a chilly 35 degrees in the 'Ville tonight. Which makes me realize that it's probably time to put up the girls jackets and get their coats out. Goodness, not sure I can do this exercise because one thought leads to another and another and then I realize I'm not even through typing!

I Am Thinking: Of all the things that still need to be done upstairs to get ready for carpet to be installed in the hallway and the kiddos rooms. I'm also thinking of my sweet hubby who has been working so hard on the house so that we could get our room and the guest room back in working function for my mother to visit this past weekend. I've also been thinking a lot about my mother-in-law who is in the final stages of alzheimer's. A beautiful lady who loves the Lord with all her soul. The first person on either side of our families who completely supported us when we first discussed adoption back in 95 or so. Heaven will certainly be welcoming her precious soul.

I Am Thankful For: My sweet and loving children and husband. I'm also thankful for being able to spend Thanksgiving with my mom who made the trip out here from Oklahoma. That's one long road between here and there. Thankful that my children enjoyed her so much ... and she them. Rebecca was in trouble with us yesterday and after we got on to her she told us she wanted her Grandma. Times like this make me wish we lived closer.

From The Kitchen: Well, I actually cooked tonight. That is, if you count warming up pre-sliced ham, opening a can of corn and making mashed potatoes from a box. Yes, I'm a slacker in that regard. Maybe I'm not eligible for these type of posts. In my defense though, I did make an actual Thanksgiving dinner and even made the most yummy curry turkey salad with the leftovers!

I Am Wearing: Sweats baby! Too bad I can't wear these things to work!

I Am Creating: Again, maybe I need a new category for me. Not much creating these days but it would be nice to be able to scrapbook again one of these days.

I Am Going: To bed soon, I'm tired!

I Am Reading: Just finished reading the latest edition of 'Family Fun' last night - a magazine that I just love. Time to start back on a book. Ordered some new ones from Amazon that are here and then my mom brought some out as well. Not sure what I'm going to start next.

I Am Hoping: That some tests that Emma had done today at our local children's hospital will point us in the right direction of what could be causing some health problems she has been having lately. She was a trooper today though and I was so proud of her. The nurses were so good with her and she of course charmed their socks off. God has truly gifted her with that ability. Charm, wish I had more of what she has!

I Am Praying For: My mother-in-law, my children, our new/fill in Sunday School teacher who recently had surgery and for some peace of mind on a decision I need to make.

I Am Hearing: Football, could someone please clue me in as to why I went years without a TV and then one day had the thought that it would be nice to have one?

Around The House: A clean kitchen, a messy den. A son who wants some mama snuggle time before he heads to bed. Two little dumplings sound asleep in their room, all warm and snuggly in their soft little jammies.

One Of My Favorite Things: The previously mentioned son who still wants to be affectionate w/ his mom.

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: Finish getting all the things out of the girls and Ryan's room, pulling up the carpet (great way to work out frustration) so that Brian can redo the baseboards and then paint. Need to pick out new bedding for Ryan. Gymnastics for the girls on Thursday. Friday night shopping with my sweet hubby with the girls in a parents night out program at church - hopefully we can finish up our Christmas shopping. Lots to do!


Teresa said...

I love this! Great idea.

I think my oldest wants a snuggle too. He's been under the weather today.

quilt-n-mama said...

Yah!!!! I love it that you are joining me for the daybook... I just love thinking through my week at the beginning!
We love family fun too... we read it and I use tons of ideas with the kids. We'll be praying for you sweet Emma as well, so sorry to hear she has some health stuff going on. Can't wait for a day when we can all get together again!

Marla said...

You are one sweet lady, your post always come from your heart.