Saturday, December 19, 2009

Catching Up

My poor blog is so neglected these days so I'm going to attempt to catch up since Thanksgiving so we can get on to Christmas things!

The middle school band participated in the Shelbyville Christmas parade and it was brrrrr cold that morning. The girls and I headed off to the coffee shop and enjoyed some hot chocolate while waiting for the parade to begin.

We caught up with some friends to watch the parade and the girls really enjoyed themselves visiting with one another but the big attraction for the day, none other than the mail slot for a downtown business. It was the funniest thing to watch the little ones go up and peer in the slot and at some point they organized themselves into a line and were patiently waiting their turn to peer in. I really think they could have continued this little game all day long if left to their own devices.

Here they are, peering in!

And then came the band, except I never saw Ryan. I think that is him in the Santa hat on the far left but I'm not completely sure!

A few days later Brian & I used a vacation day to spend some time together. We headed out to explore a few towns that were new to us and didn't do much other than explore some little antique shops and bought some books. The highlight of the day was lunch at Shaker Village, we didn't realize we were going to be so close to there. What a relaxing lunch! Here's a few shots even though they really do not do the restaurant justice.

And lastly, this picture just says it all. This was on our way home from our day out together as we were driving through the countryside. We had just passed some very, very nice horse farms. I cracked up when I saw this sign! And yes, there really is a Nonesuch, KY and if you're interested there really is a Rabbit Hash, KY as well. Oh the things you learn when you venture off the beaten path.

Back to Thanksgiving later ... it's almost 10 a.m. and the girls haven't had breakfast yet!


Courtney said...

The girls look so cute drinking their hot chocolate.

quilt-n-mama said...

Hope we can come visit one of these days and enjoy some small toens with you! I always love reading about your adventures!
Merry Christmas!