Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve on New Year's Eve

Now that's kind of funny, here it is New Year's Eve and I'm just now blogging about Christmas Eve. Maybe one of these days I'll be caught back up in blogland.

Our Christmas Eve was spent attending a candlelight service at our church and then spending the rest of the evening with our friends Brent and Angie. They are the first couple we really met/made friends with when we first moved here and are so fun to be around. Brent never misses an opportunity to harangue me, and I'm pretty much the same about him. Angie had kept the girls for me on the 23rd and they had spent the day making and decorating cookies. What a site to behold when I picked them up, they were covered from head to toe in flour. She took pics, hopefully she'll share with me at some point!

Before the kiddos went to bed we let them open a present, which I had already picked out - new jammies! The girls looked too stinkin' cute in them!


Courtney said...

Christmas Eve was only last Thursday, so you are forgiven. Love the matching PJ's. Happy New Year!

sierrasmom said...

You are not that far behind I have tons of pictures from way before Christmas that I wanted to post but.... I love the picture of the three of them. Too precious!!!!