Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rebecca's First Christmas With Us

This year was Rebecca's first Christmas with us and she jumped right in with both feet. The sweet little girl that she is, she just loved learning about the Christmas story and would happily tell us all about it these past few weeks. She would act out the story too by taking one of her blankets, draping it over her head and tell us that she was Mary. Then she would take one of her babies and wrap it all up and tell us it was baby Jesus. I catch myself getting frusrated with her at times because she just can't seem to remember any color other than orange but ask her to tell you a story and she can tell you all about it. Here's one of her dolls that she wrapped up and named Jesus. What a blessing that little dumpling is!

The other part of Christmas that she really enjoyed was learning all the Christmas songs. She loves to sing anyway but she seemed to sing even more so during the holiday season. She learned several songs in her Sunday School class and then their class sang them for the parents. Not only did she learn the songs but she learned some movements to go along with them and would have the sweetest look on her face when she would sing "Away In A Manger" and would get to lay her little head over on her hands as she would sing about him laying down his sweet head.

Singing "Go Tell It On The Mountain". Like I said, she LOVES to sing!


Felicia said...

What a little stinker she is...she is soooo darn cute!!

Courtney said...

I love all the great pictures. What a blessing that she loves retelling the story of Jesus birth.