Saturday, January 2, 2010

Princess Stories - What Was I Thinking?

Okay, true confession time. I've never been a princess type of girl and subsequently not a princess type of mama. We have a few princess types of things such as some games and few other things but that's about it. We purchased the Mulan DVD several years ago but it scared the bejabbers out of Emma and I don't think she's ever watched it since. Not sure why but animated movies in general seem to scare her, which is odd since she's not really the type to get scared of anything but nevertheless, animated movies are pretty much out for us.

While out Christmas shopping I bought the girls a Snow White CD, not quite sure what I was thinking! We watched it last night and Emma pretty much clung to Brian the entire movie but we did make it through without her crying. What I wasn't prepared for was the onslaught of questions that came afterwards nor the fact that Rebecca then didn't want to go upstairs by herself to change clothes to get ready for bed. The questions started the minute the movie was over and lasted all through their bath time and getting ready for bed. It would be impossible to recall all of of them but most of the questions revolved around the Queen/Witch, how did she change, what is a spell, why did she change, why did she not like Snow White, did Snow White die or was she just asleep. Peppered with questions I was. But the single question that tickled me the absolute most came from Rebecca, who as I've mentioned before has been pretending she is Mary and she carries baby Jesus around. She asked me about the end of the story and "why she is riding a horse and not a donkey?". You just gotta love that question!


quilt-n-mama said...

Oh Caolin,
i would have warned you!!!! Snow White is freaky:) We made it through about 10 minutes at a friends and they were DONE! Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New year. It's been nuts here and I am trying to catch up on blogs, etc tonight for a bit. We bought a house that "needs work..." uhhhhhhh.... what were we thinking?!?!!? But when you live in a town of 600... you don't have a lot of choices:) Anyway... I have been thinking about life for each of us a year ago at this time.... where has the time gone?!?!

Felicia said...

Oh, I always love your stories...out of the mouth of babes. I wish we could "de-princess" a little in our house. Ava is over the top princess!!