Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Time

We've had a little snow in the 'ville over the weekend and the kiddos have really enjoyed getting out in it to play. Even better, Ryan has been the sweetest big brother to take them out and let me stay in where it's warm! I just love watching them play from the window and they are not aware that I am.

Ryan and Emma spent most of their time in the sleds while Rebecca spent her time just playing with the snow. Ryan and Emma are all about action packed adventure while Rebecca is just happy to be doing her little thing!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

It looks like the kids had a great time out there in the snow:) Isn't it funny how they are all different...... My kids are kind of the same way! One is all about thrill seeking and the other is happy to sit back and take it all in.

Great photos:)

Have a wonderful week!!


quilt-n-mama said...

Thinking of you today on our 1 year Happy Nate (and Rebecca) Day! My kids would love to get snow, it's all dead and brown here right now!
I love all the pictures, they've all grown so much this year!