Friday, January 15, 2010

Adoption News

Oh wow, I'm a little behind on checking out blogs, particularly the ones I've been remiss in adding to my blog roll. Another one of those pesky little things on my todo list. But that aside, I have some great adoption news!!!

1. The lady who named Rebecca is on her way to China to adopt another child. Praise the Lord in the highest!!!! Finding out a child is about to join their forever family absolutely always makes me sing praises to our heavenly Father! Elaine volunteered at the Starfish Home the year Rebecca came to live there, but she never did actually get to meet Rebecca. Apparently there was a delay with Rebecca coming and Elaine was already scheduled to return home. However she was still able to name her and desired for her to have a good biblical name. I hope to meet this precious family one of these days! Click here to hop on over and wish them well on their trip!

2. I've recently been in contact with a family who is traveling to China to adopt a Starfish Baby!!!! Of course that really makes my day, another Starfish child will be united with their forever family. They will be leaving on the 20th and you can follow their story here.

I just know that the Father of the Fatherless is listening to the angels in heaven are rejoicing. The miracle of adoption, there's really just not adequate words to describe it!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh how I love adoption stories! It seems like Rebecca just came home yesterday.....I am blessed by her progress and how well she has done. God wove her into your family so perfectly!

Felicia said...

It's amazing what God can orchestrate. Beautiful!!

sierrasmom said...

Thanks!!! I love following along on family journeys!!!