Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebrating Ryan's Birthday

Since Ryan had a ballgame on Thursday night our celebration had to be something fast. Brian, knowing Ryan and I rarely have any time alone, took the girls to gymnastics for me while I had fun attending Ryan's game with him. He was so happy I was there, and well - I was just as happy to be there! This year his games are on Thursday nights which is the same night of their gymnastics so it just hasn't worked out for me to make it to more than one game. The highlight of the night was when he swooshed the net and then turned around and smiled a big ol' smile to me in the stands.

After the game was finished we met Brian & the girls for a quick dinner and then came home to ice cream and PIE . Seriously, the child asked for birthday pie. That so reminds me of my ol' boss who I enjoyed so much - he much preferred pie himself.

Then on Saturday night we finally had the chance to really go out and celebrate. Ryan's little girlfriend even went with us! What a treat!!! She's so sweet and so smart and was as sweet and kind to Emma and Ryan as could be. What a role model for them. After dinner we stopped by Barnes and Noble and the kiddos stocked up on new books courtesy of Christmas gift cards from my sister. How sweet, my babies love their books!

The only thing that was difficult this year is that in prior years I've always had MLK day off and have always spent that day with Ryan just doing whatever it was he wanted to do, but this year I couldn't do that since I recently started a new job. Hopefully I can make it up to him later in the year though.

Sportin' his new UK shirt. Is it me, or is he looking terribly grown up all of a sudden?

Speaking of which, I compared his weight and height from his recent checkup to his appointment last year ... he's grown 3 1/2 inches in one year and gained 18 pounds. I'm thinkin' we need to put a rock on his head!


Courtney said...

I am a fan of the birthday pie. Sounds like he had a great birthday. He does look very grown up in that UK shirt.

Marla said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!