Wednesday, January 20, 2010


On this day 12 years ago, sitting in the lunch room eating my lunch in Ft Worth, TX and visiting with a coworker about labor and listening to her tell of her water breaking in the middle of the night and guess what happened. Yep. I'd read way too many books and relied on way too many statistics and for some reason had in my head that I would have to have my water broken. Nope. Ever try to discreetly leave a building when everyone is making a fuss? It doesn't work well. I was going to drive myself to the doctor's office becaue I had an appointment anyway but someone had called Brian and he had given strict orders for me not to drive anywhere! He had the audacity to want to take me straight to the hospital but the problem was that first of all, I had an appointment anyway. Second of all, I needed to change clothes and for some reason nothing matched and I wasn't going to the hospital with an outfit that didn't match. Thirdly, I hadn't packed a bag. Statistically speaking I still had plent of time anyway.

I did make it to the appointment, the same coworker mentioned above drove me and Brian met us there. He was in such a hurry to get to the hospital and I, well - I was not. Somehow he won that battle and after finally packing a bag we headed out the door.

Little Ryan was born shortly after midnight. Like I said, I had plent of time!

This picture was taken sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas of '97. My grandfather had passed away and my siblings and my cousins were together that evening.

Left to right: My cousin Kelly, the skinny chic with her hand on my belly is my sister. She was making fun of my huge belly, but the joke was on her - she was pregnant too but didn't know it! The tall guy behind and to my right is my brother. The last two on the right are my cousins Donna and Tim.

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