Monday, January 25, 2010

For Today

Outside my window: It's cold and dark, snowy here today although I do not think much stuck.

I Am Thinking: About how much I have enjoyed this past week, celebrating Ryan's 12th birthday. Which of course brought out some albums and many discussions on some of his funny ways when he was a baby. Brian used to mess with his feet while he was nursing and it would sound like he was growling. We would just laugh and laugh! Of course he's going to be aggravated if/when he reads this on the blog! Poor kid.

I Am Thankful For: For my new job, still. I've been there a month now and have yet to leave there with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and wishing I didn't have to go back!

From The Kitchen: Tonight I made some Taco Soup for work tomorrow and also a pot of white chili for tomorrow night. I've been craving white chili and have not been able to find my recipe. Thankfully a friend of mine shared hers with me. Can't wait to partake tomorrow night!

I Am Wearing: black sweats, gray t-shirt ... my post work wardrobe is just way too exciting.

On the 'Go Organize' Front: Haven't had much time to organize this week although I did spend some time working on my mess in the dining room. Somewhat in a holding pattern until we get Ryan's room painted which has been on hold until we can open the house up to work on the trim in his room. Sigh. All three kids are still sharing Ryan's old room. I've just got to take a picture one night, precious - just precious. Of course Ryan wouldn't want me sharing that either. Which begs the question, why are 12 year olds so particular?

I Am Going: To bed soon ... not sure why I'm so sleepy at 8:45 in the evening!

I Am Reading: Started a new book by an Indian (as in India - Indian) author. I'm so intrigued with their culture and so far really enjoying hte book. I would love to visit India some day and even more so would love to adopt from there. But I think we're too old :-( Well, I don't think we're too old but from what I've read when I've tried checking on it, their government must think we're too old. But, I know all too well that if it is God's will then it will happen.

I Am Hoping: It warms up soon so we can get Ryan's trim finished!

I Am Praying For: Oh my, not even sure where to start. The people in Haiti and also for the families who are in the process of adopting from there. My young friend who I mentioned a few weeks ago, her father passed away from cancer. I cry everytime I send her a note. My heart goes out to their family, so sweet and so happy when we met them. Now here's a young lady without a father. I know all too well the pain and loss that comes with losing a father to cancer. Also praying for a family from church, the mother has cancer and hospice is being called. Cancer, I'll never understand it and will have to admit that it's one thing in life that scares the daylights out of me. I can almost freeze up at times just thinking of how something such as just one wayward cell can take over your body and choke the life out of you.

I Am Hearing: Sounds from the tv, Brian and Ryan watch the oddest things sometimes. Pawn Stars or something like that. A friend of mine was laughing the other day at how funny it is how much I dislike tv but yet I'm working in that industry now. Yep, that is pretty funny.

Around The House: One more load of laundry to finish and put away. Tax things to gather up. Chili and Taco Soup to get in the fridge.

One Of My Favorite Things: Being home with just the girls. Not that I do not like having Brian and Ryan home too, I don't mean that. Brian took Ryan to basketball practice tonight and the girls and I stayed home. I enjoyed listening to them play while I was cooking. They were playing so well together and then we read for almost 45 minutes. Not sure why, but it just seems like the chemistry changes when the boys are home. The girls get more wound up or something, of course they are having fun and Brian is enjoying them too - but it's just different when it's us girls!

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: Choir for Brian on Wednesday and a youth bowling outing for Ryan. Basketball game on Thursday for Ryan and gymnastics for the girlfriends. The girls are attending a birthday party on Saturday. Busy little family we are it seems!

Have a great week everyone!

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The Byrd's Nest said...

I love all of these Carolin.....praying that you feel only peace away from your children while at work. How blessed you are my friend.