Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was absolutely delightful, the kiddos were so sweet. Sweet to us, sweet to one another. Just couldn't have asked for them to act any better. Rebecca woke up first but didn't realize there were all kinds of goodies for her but boy did her eyes light up when she discovered them. Santa brings 3 gifts each in our home and then of course we add some things to that too. Last year he bought some really cool "sacks" on clearance from Lands End and even had them personalized. Santa rocks! :-) He even knew to get one for Rebecca, now isn't that just something! Wonderful, wonderful Christmas. It was such a treat to be able to share in that with little Bex this year. She was certainly on our mind and in our hearts this time last year. We were so disappointed that we weren't able to travel to get her before Christmas, or even right after but it just didn't work out as we wanted. What a blessing though to have her home for this Christmas!


sierrasmom said...

I remember how badly you and I wanted to go earlier..but it worked out fine. I am glad she had a whole year behind her before Christmas..not that I wouldn't have gone sooner to get her!!!! It was her last big First. I think her birthday will seem that way too. Her birthday was the day we came home so she doesn't remember much about it...but oh is she excited now!!!

Felicia said...

That's the best Christmas gift of all you're kids being so sweet.

Glad you had a great Christmas!!