Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Our modified 'red sofa' photo op! I need to go dig out their original red sofa picture from 2005!

We celebrated Chinese New Year a little differently this year. Typically we attend an event that is put on by our local FCC (Families with Children from China) group but this year we were looking for something a little different and we ended up going to Lexington to an event that was held at the Lexington Opera House. This one was hosted/presented by the Kentucky Chinese American Association and had singing, dancing and even one number that was a combination of Bluegrass singing along with a Chinese instrument. Weird you might say, but VERY enjoyable! It was fun too in that the audience was mostly Chinese people instead of being mainly caucasian parents with children from China.

Earlier in the day a family from our first travel group hosted a pre-party for the girls in their hotel room and so we had an opportunity to visit and let the girls play. They had so much fun playing together and enjoying all the crafts, games and snacks that had been so well organized for them. It was just a great weekend all in all!
We hadn't originally planned on spending the night but we woke up Saturday to some yucky weather and the forecast for that night sounded like the roads could be a mess so we decided to spend the night ... which the kiddos just loved. Any night out is considered a vacation to Emma! Which meant on Sunday we got to sleep in, well - as much as 3 kids will let you sleep in. One of the traditions of Chinese New Year is to buy new clothes so before we headed home we went and bought some spring/summer things for the kiddos. Not that we did it for CNY, but that was a good enough excuse for me. Really I'm just ready for summer to be here and it made me smile to buy some cute little sundresses and some even cuter swimsuits. Not that either child needs yet another swimsuit - but I love buying them for the girls because they look so stinkin' cute in them! And of course if you wait until summer to buy a swimsuit you're basically outta' luck!


Courtney said...

What fun weekend. If you don't get the summer clothes now, they will be out by June, with winter clothes in. Happy Chinese New Year!

sierrasmom said...

Great pics and looks like fun was had by all!!!

Lindy said...

The girls look like they had a great time. Rebeccca is losing her toddler looks.

Donna and Joe said...

What a fun way to celebrate Chinese New Year! Looks like the girls had a blast. We are having a few people over for dinner tomorrow night and we're making Chinese food to celebrate. We are also getting Lauren's hair cut, since that's a tradition (she needs it anyway) and putting her in a new outfit for dinner. Oh, we're also going to "sweep" out the bad fortune and make way for good luck in the New Year.

The Byrd's Nest said...

What a great time had by everyone it appears! They are all so sweet.

Your girls get more beautiful each day.