Monday, February 8, 2010

For Today

Something is going to have to change in my life for me to get back to blogging. It's been another busy/crazy week around the ol' Hunter household .

Outside my window: It's cold and dark, predicted to have more snow in the 'Ville tonight. Still have a little left over from Saturday.

I Am Thinking: About what our children are going to be like when they are grown. The bible tells us to raise them in the way they should go and they will not depart from it. But I can't help but worry/wonder ... are we raising them in the way they should go? Will we continue doing what we need to do? Get better at it? Just something to ponder. I know I do not pray with them as much as I should but I do read bible stories to them. More importantly though, do I set a good example in being a Godly mother? Here is where I think I fail/fall the hardest because I know my expectations can be high at times as can my stress level and I know that I'm not nearly as patient with them as I should be. Most certainly something I need to work on.

I Am Thankful For: Friendships near and far.

From The Kitchen: Not much. Hopefully I'll have time to try something new/fun this week.

I Am Wearing: black sweats, gray sweatshirt. Work attire hits the laundry basket about 2.3 seconds after I walk through the door in the evenings.

On the 'Go Organize' Front: This has been put somewhat on hold for now. Poor Ryan is still sharing a room with his sisters. My intent when I cleaned out the girls room was to have it all painted and done within a few days but unfortunately the weather has been too cold to open up the house and Brian doesn't want to restain the trim until he can do so. Somehow I missed that little piece of the puzzle when I jumped in with full gusto to get everything out of their room. Thankfully he hasn't complained but I know he's ready to be back to having his own room. Come on spring, I need ya'.

I Am Going: To bed soon, still a little tired from our busy weekend.

I Am Reading: Catching up on magazines again, I always save them while I'm in the middle of a book. I also need to see if the library has another book I want to read and if so run by and pick it up.

I Am Hoping: It warms up soon!

I Am Praying For: Ryan and Brian. Those two have had some weird health things going on that I haven't mentioned anything about. As far as Ryan, I guess I have just had my head stuck in the sand a little about it. But there was something that his pediatrician was concerned about during his last checkup and I need to take him in for some additional tests - which I haven't done yet. I used to get so frusrated with my mom and Brian both for being the types that just ignore things ... and then here I go doing it. I really need to get off my hind end on this and get it done. All that to say, I'm praying that there isn't anything there. I'll share more on this later. And then Brian, he really hasn't been well since before Thanksgiving. He's been on several antibiotics and one that was supposed to be very strong. When I got home tonight I could tell he wasn't feeling well but he's just not one to complain. After dinner he took Ryan in for an allergy shot then went to the grocery store. By the time he got home he really wasn't looking well ... his neck is swollen and very stiff and he says it's hurting like it's never hurt before. So, off to minor emergency for him while I'm home worrying about him. Prayers for both my boys health would be truly appreciated.

I Am Hearing: Nothing. Nada. It's completely quiet right now, other than my typing of course. Tucked the girls into bed early since they didn't get as much sleep over the weekend as they really need. Even Ryan is already showered and in bed. It's not often that it's so quiet around here.

Around The House: Rebecca's valentines finished up & ready to go to preschool. Emma's were done yesterday. Laundry finished and put away. Dishes done. Books laid out to read tomorrow night to the girls.

One Of My Favorite Things: Weekends away with the family. I'll write more about it later but we attended a Chinese New Year event in Lexington this past weekend. We were planning on just going over in the afternoon, seeing some friends and then going to the event and coming home. But the weather was a little iffy on Saturday so we decided to spend the night and sleep late on Sunday morning. The girls were so tickled to stay in a hotel! And Emma was so tickled to see some of her buddies from our travel group ... she spent the first year of her life with these little girls and it just tickles me to no end when they get to spend time together. Any overnight stay is a "vacation" to Emma and she LOVES vacations. Nothing better than seeing your babies all excited!

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: Basketball season has ended for Ryan, so we're going to have a few practice free weeks up until baseball starts. Church/choir for Brian & Ryan on Wednesday. This is usually a girl night for me and the girls where we get lots of reading in. Gymanstics for the dumplings on Thursday. Friday night school dance for Ryan - his first! Youth group trip to go skiing/tubing/snowboarding for Ryan on Saturday. Re-reading this ... you can tell who has all the fun in our house!

From the Emma files: Brian calls her his little peanut and she loves that pet name. While talking about Chinese New Year over the weekend we brought up that this year is the year of the Tiger and mentioned that Ryan is a tiger. Emma asked "when is the year of the peanut?"!!!! How funny is that! The year of the peanut. I think after thousands of years (or however long the Chinese zodiac has been around) that it's time for an addition to the tradition. Yes, there needs to a "Year of the Peanut".

Have a great week everyone!

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Teresa said...

I will be praying, Carolin. I know how it is to want to stick my head in the sand and hope something wrong corrects itself. Thanks for sharing that so we can pray.