Friday, January 7, 2011

Kentucky Youth Assembly

Ryan attended 'Kentucky Youth Assembly' back in December, I can't even begin to describe how much it tickles me that he enjoys going to things like this. I'm not so sure he even really has that big of an interest in how government works as much as he just likes going places, learning new things and being around a bunch of other kids. I would like to note however, that my baby boy won an 'Outstanding Speaker' award. Guess all that talking he does has paid off :-)

Have I ever mentioned how very proud of him I am?

Here's an excerpt of the letter sent out from their teacher:

There were Thirty-two TAG (Talented & Gifted) students from Shelby East and West Middle School, along with 8th graders from Martha Layne Collins High School, attended the Junior Central Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) at the Louisville Holiday Inn Crown Plaza on Dec. 9-11, 2010. Along with 800 other youth from across the region, the Shelby County students participated in this hands-on student government assembly by writing and presenting bills to be passed into law. The students prepared five bills to present at the assembly. Bills were ranked according to its merits of feasibility, debatability, creativity, presentation, and importance to Kentucky. All five of Shelby County’s bills were ranked high and were presented in the House and Senate Chambers at the Capitol in Frankfort on Friday, Dec. 10. The bills were narrowly defeated in their second hearing. Of the 80 bills that were presented by KYA delegates, only 6 were passed into law. “The students who attended KYA were very aware of the economic strain that both our state and federal government is experiencing. The delegates were very reluctant to pass bills that were not fiscally feasible or caused strain on existing structures. It was a tough crowd!” stated Terry Walther, KYA sponsor for East and West Middle Schools.

The students who attended not only learned first hand how a bill becomes a law in our state, they also demonstrated their leadership skills and made friends with other youth leaders in our state.

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Courtney said...

Congrats to Ryan, what an awesome experience!