Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outside my window: It's dark and BRRRR cold. This seems to me to be the coldest winter we've had since moving here. Or maybe it's because it started getting cold almost a month before it usually gets this cold. Regardless - I'M READY FOR SUMMER!

I Am Thinking: About Ryan's birthday. It's really hard for me to believe the apple of my eye just turned 13. Oh how I prayed for that little guy. But what am I saying, I've prayed for all my babies. I'll forever remember the prayerful pleadings to God to please bless me with a child. Now here we are 13 years later with 3! Every time I talk about another one, pretty much the first thing Brian asks is if I've been praying. Haha.

I was teasing Ryan about a week before his birthday that 13 years ago from that time I couldn't sit comfortably. I couldn't sleep comfortably. Heck, what am I talking about - I couldn't sleep period. I had moved to the sofa because it was the only place I could get some relief on my back. Only later did I find out that I had back labor, something I'd never heard of. When I went into labor all the contractions were in my back, I never felt a single one in my abdoment. Ouch-o-marama. The one main thing I was planning on for the maternity ward was to be able to sit in the whirlpool. Ahh, a relaxing and natural birth. Who the heck was I kidding? That didn't happen since my water broke and at work nonetheless and so the whirlpool was out. And why my mind ever thought it wouldn't hurt that bad is beyond my comprehension! Why is that a simple thing like labor can't go as planned? :-)

I Am Thankful For: Friends! We spent Saturday night hanging out with some friends. Brian made deer chili & then Marla and I made some pizza rolls for the kids. Although I think all the kids had some chili too. She had also bought things for the girls to make a fruit pizza - which they LOVED doing and Emma had taken her little juice maker and made fruit smoothies for everyone. The kids had so much fun & I sooo enjoyed the time just hanging out, visiting and letting the kids make all their treats.

From The Kitchen: Emma & I have been on a baking kick lately but we're either going to have to slack off or buy me some bigger jeans. Goodness. We've made brownies, homemade rice krispy treats. raisin oatmeal cookies and a coffee cake. She is having a blast & I SOOO enjoy her company in the kitchen!

I Am Wearing: Black sweats, gray t-shirt & wishing my comfy socks weren't upstairs in the closet.

On the 'Go Organize' Front: Finally got around to going through the girls clothes. There were some sweaters, sweatshirts & things like that they had worn when we were in China back in 2009 that they were also able to wear last year & had gotten a few wears in this year as well. But as sentimental as I am I knew that I had to hand them down sooner than later. We have some friends at church that have the most adorable little twin girls and so I make a point of handing down the things that match. Today they had on the girls favorite monkey sweatshirts - oh my how it tickles me to see them wearing things of that were the girls. There really is something to the phrase "it's better to give than receive", because I can say I get just as much enjoyment seeing the little ones wearing the things as I did our girls!

I Am Going: To bed soon, can't believe another weekend has come and gone.

I Am Reading: Lost on Planet China: One Man's Attempt to Understand the World's Most Mystifying Nation - Still reading this. Enjoyed it at first, but having a hard time sticking with it right now.

I Am Hoping: That spring arrives early! Our family is needing some sunshine.

I Am Praying For: Some extended family members who have been on my mind in and my heart - going through a rough time right now.

I Am Hearing: Avatar. Brian is not feeling well so he's already turned in for the night so Ryan is watching it.

Around The House: Kithcen clean - I'm so weird about the kitchen. The entire rest of the house can be in shambles but I absolutely cannot go to bed without first cleaning the kitchen. Not trying to say the rest of the house is in bad shape though! Almost all the laundry done, but a few more loads to do & it still needs to be put away. The upstairs was cleaned yesterday but still need to do a little more downstairs. We're making a bigger effort to keep it picked up during the week and that seems to be helping some.

One Of My Favorite Things: Watching Ryan with his friends. We took him and some friends ice skaing for his birthday party & all the boys seemed to have a good time. There were several other families there who we know and thankfully Emma had a her best little buddy to skate with - she did really well too. But watching Ryan and the other guys playing, messing with each other - messing with some girls from our church ... it just cracked me up. They're getting so big!

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: Another deacon meeting for Brian tomorrow night. Basketball practice for Ryan on Tuesday. Gymnastics for Emma on Wednesday. Dance for Emma & Bex on Thursday. Game for Ryan on Saturday. After church on Sunday, a nap hopefully!

Have a great week everyone!


The Byrd's Nest said...

I am the same way about my kitchen...I can't stand clutter and like a neat home but I absolutely cannot wake up to any dirty dishes in the sink and the counters not wiped down;) I get that!!!!

I love all of the baking you are doing with Emma!!!

Teresa said...

And they say that you forget all the pain after the baby is born. HA! Not always the case.

Elaine said...

I lost your blog address again when my computer crashed last month. So glad you left a comment on our blog, so I could find yours again:) I always love seeing your family captured in your amazing photography! I especially loved seeing Rebecca's 2 year Gotcha Day's hard to believe it's been two goes by so quickly!!

quilt-n-mama said...

I have been thinking of you friend! Hope you have had a great week last week and that this week is a huge blessing! I'll email you we have some news to share:)